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 We just returned from N.H. and I read the report. I am very thankful I hired you. The report is very professional and extremely thorough, touching on all the areas we discussed. Again, thanks for your services and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.
Kind Regards- Judie 
Thank you. As always you are thorough, accurate, professional, and just a pleasure to deal with.  
All the best,
Nathan Hedges
What a great through job you have done, I really appreciate your work and will always recommend your services to all my clients. 
Thanks again, 
Farzana Kalvert 
It is my absolute pleasure to give you this testimonial.   Thank you so much:
Stan brings the highest level of ethics, professionalism, and integrity  to his work.  He is highly experienced, honest and truly cares about his clients. He  treats his clients' deals as if they were his own so the advice he gives  you is advice he would also give himself. Stan saved us from going through with what would have been a very bad deal and for that we will  be forever grateful to him.  Stan, I cannot thank you enough.     
Kind regards,
Tricia (2015)
"Unbelievable attention to detail.
 I now understand the need to have my new home inspected. It was worth every penny. Inspectors Associates probably saved me $20,000+. I am thankful that Stan was not hired to inspect my property when I sold it! Stan inspected my home as though he were inspecting it for one of his children. I have had three other home inspections by other home inspectors and I would only use Stan to inspect in the future. He followed up after the home inspection and was very interested in making sure that everything went well for me."
Thank you for this detailed and thorough inspection report. It is the best I have ever seen! There is so much to digest that it will take me a day or two. I will probably have a few questions. Please add my name to the testimonials on your web site as I definitely got my money's worth.We will be doing business in the future and be assured that I will recommend you to all my friends and business associates.
Gerald Holl
Dear Stan,

This letter of thanks is long overdue. I just wanted you to know how very pleased I was with the excellent professional service, which you and your team provided to me. 
As you may remember, the house, which I was purchasing, was a bit of a fixer-upper.; architecturally interesting, but obviously neglected by the former owner. Even I could see that. What I couldn’t see, and what you helped me to see, was the full and complete scope of the work that would be necessary to make the house a home, which I would be proud to call my own. 
Your company’s very professional approach to home inspection enabled me to purchase the home at a price, which was reasonable in regards to the condition. I had originally contracted to purchase the home for $163,000. After your inspection, I retracted the offer to purchase, unless a new and significantly lower purchase price could be agreed.
Armed with your very professional report, complete with color photographs and detailed descriptions, I was able to negotiate an additional $20,000 off of my originally contracted purchase price. The time and thoroughness, which you and your team spent, was directly responsible for this further price reduction.
With the money saved, I have been able to address most of the interior issues with the house this winter. When spring comes, I’ll start on the outside. In this regard, your report has also been an excellent tool; serving as a very complete punch list of all that needs to be addressed.
Few times in business can a return on investment be measured as precisely as I was able to relate my fee to you against the money saved. While I’m sure that I could have found another home inspector, who would have performed a less complete inspection for a lower fee, I glad that I chose your firm. Should anyone ever have a question about your services, don’t hesitate to have them call me.
Once again, thanks so much.
Warmest Regards, 
James Costa

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