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Basic Fee: Our fees are based on the number of bedrooms.
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Definition of bedroom also called "sleeping rooms"
Bonus rooms are counted as bedrooms. Room counts for five or more bedrooms include the following rooms: Each bedroom, the bonus room as a bedroom, each bathroom, the garage, the utility room, the attic, the kitchen, breakfast room, living room, dining room, great room, family room, each finished room in the basement,  the laundry room, an enclosed sun porch, the den, the library, all other finished rooms. Closets are not counted as rooms.

The basic inspection includes, a physical on site inspection, a verbal report, a summary report and a typed inspection report listing all defects found. This will include up to 20 pictures.  A full photographic report can be ordered for an additional fee.   

Add on fee Charges 
  • Home Reference Encyclopedia.  Priced on request. 
  • Radon 48 hour continuous monitoring Test.
  • Code report and code references. ​


New Construction Site Inspections for foundation, footing, framing, brick install.  Each visit minimum fees apply.  Includes photographs. Footings installed along with the foundation should be inspected prior to any back fill.  
New Construction Pre Sheet Rock Inspection.  Includes photographs.  This inspection should take place just prior to insulation and sheetrock installation. At this stage all rough installations should be complete including electrical, mechanical and plumbing. We recommend that the county inspections be complete before we are called.  
For a free quote please call 770-512-8228


This is the final inspection after the CO (certificate of Occupancy has been issued.) 
You can select any or all Inspections listed above for new construction during the construction stage. The more inspections you have performed during the construction of a new home the better your comfort level as well as the security of knowing that everything was correctly installed and built as specified. 

An enhanced inspection process can also be ordered using site inspections during the entire process from ground breaking to final build out. 

For a free quote please call 770-512-8228


For a free quote please call 770-512-8228

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